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Bringing the whole expertise of Founders and Konfidio team

Konfidio combines 20+ years of top-tier consulting experience with a talented team of technologists and venture developers. Konfidio has provided many end-to-end, and in production, solutions for a wide range of enterprise customers. Clients include Enovos, Bayer and ZF. 

Konfidio invests in the new frontier of digital innovation whilst promoting sustainability, equality and confidence. Konfidio is building the infrastructure to decentralize contract management, the energy market and other real-world business processes. 

Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry


Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry is CEO and founder of Konfid.io, a Berlin Blockchain/AI Venture studio.

Mervyn started a career in social activism as a medical student during the apartheid era in South Africa. He worked in voter literacy programmes, and for the South African Emergency Services Group, treating victims of police violence. As a medical doctor, he worked in pediatric HIV and TB intervention programmes in SA, Mozambique, Russia, Angola and Zimbabwe.

He then began a corporate career that included senior management roles at Deutsche Bank, Nedcor Investment Bank, EY and Accenture, where he co-founded the Digital Strategy practice in 2012. He has also been an advisor to the George Soros Open Society Foundation.

In 2012 whilst working in digital strategy at Accenture, he developed an interest in the blockchain, and its ability to disrupt centralized corporate models, and their susceptibility to corruption from within. He founded Konfid.io with the aim of driving forward the adoption of disruptive technologies, and accelerating the path towards a decentralized future.

Galen Evans


Galen Evans holds an MBA with Honors from ESMT. He has spent his career working across business, emerging technologies and the public sector. Mr. Evans started his career with the World Bank working on bringing open data and risk modeling to help developing countries mitigate  the risks of natural disasters and climate change. After which he worked in strategic account management for an enterprise open-source software company, OpenGeo, and as a management consultant. Before starting Konfid.io together with Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry he worked at EY as a Blockchain Expert and member of the leadership team for the Digital Strategy Practice.

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